Every Little Helps.

Hello again.

As you probably know by now, I am an aspiring illustrator and have been writing posts about my life as I prepare for this journey of artistic discovery and wonderment. But this post will be different, it won’t be about what has happened today but mainly about what has already happened in my life and more importantly, what I want to happen in the future. Continue reading


The first meeting of the new college students.

Well, today was the day.

This was the first time I would meet my fellow budding illustrators and graphic designers and as expected, I was as shy as you could get. It was a judging contest for me, I would weigh in on my fellow students appearance, social awkwardness and geekyness, but every person that came in was not what I expected, in fact they were very intimidating and the complete opposite to geeky looking which made me the odd one out, unfortunately.

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Wednesday: The First Meeting

So, in two days I will be going to the college of art to see what the current students working in Illustration have created and to get some tips and advice from them (I was actually invited for this) But it is also the day where I’ll meet the other students who will be starting out in Illustration, like me.

This will be my moment. My chance to make at least one new friend for college so I won’t be  my town’s version of Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower. Continue reading

One small step.. for some kid with a lot of free time on his hands.

Well hello there!

I’m Adam, but that’s not why you’re here (It’s probably because I wouldn’t stop pestering you until you visited my blog right? Of course not!) This is surprisingly my first blog, and due to the fact that I have finally finished secondary school [Insert School’s Out for Summer tune Here] I now have been burdened (and blessed) with a tremendous amount of free time to do what ever I want. Continue reading