One small step.. for some kid with a lot of free time on his hands.

Well hello there!

I’m Adam, but that’s not why you’re here (It’s probably because I wouldn’t stop pestering you until you visited my blog right? Of course not!) This is surprisingly my first blog, and due to the fact that I have finally finished secondary school [Insert School’s Out for Summer tune Here] I now have been burdened (and blessed) with a tremendous amount of free time to do what ever I want.

So, naturally I started playing my Playstation and watching films like any typical teenager, but then I realized, I’m going to Art college to study Illustration and potentially start a career, I should make a blog to get AT LEAST a small fanbase growing so that when I start doing Illustration as a proper job, I’ll have some people interested in purchasing my work or even hiring me for projects.

So, here we are.

Over the coming weeks (and months and years) I will be posting my designs, sketches and basically anything art related that is entirely made by me, with a few drawings based on well-known characters. This way you can hopefully take an interest in my work and start to support me with feedback, recommendations, requests, anything! Also, by sharing this blog with others you’ll help the LooneyCartoony fanbase grow. Without fans who appreciate an artists work, they are nothing.

Thank you for reading, I will leave you with one of my early drawings depicting an idea I came up with to feature two characters from entirely different cartoon shows who have the same voice actor providing their..well, voice. This is Michelangelo from TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) & Beast Boy from Teen Titans (which also happens to be one of my favourite shows.) Both characters are voiced by Greg Cipes (Who also happens to be following me on Twitter)

Hope you like. Look forward to seeing you again.

who__s_your_favourite_now__by_looneycartoony-d5s3vu6 (2)


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