Wednesday: The First Meeting

So, in two days I will be going to the college of art to see what the current students working in Illustration have created and to get some tips and advice from them (I was actually invited for this) But it is also the day where I’ll meet the other students who will be starting out in Illustration, like me.

This will be my moment. My chance to make at least one new friend for college so I won’t be  my town’s version of Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Hopefully I’m not the only one who is going to this college without friends from their old schools and hopefully I’m not the only boy. I shall do my upmost to impress both the teachers and the other students by looking cool yet awesome thanks to some novelty shirts from Qwertee etc along with a grey Edward Cullen-like pea coat.

I’ve been to the college before for an open day and loved what I saw. It ranged from comic book designs to children’s book illustrations and even Star Wars coasters. I know I’m going to love it there but to have someone to enjoy the experience with would be a bonus.

I think If all goes well, I’ll watch Monsters University as soon as it comes out because that is the perfect movie for people my age as the original film came out in 2001 (Making me 4) and the prequel comes out this year when I am 16 and just starting college (Just like Mike!)

I will do another post on Wednesday to share my thoughts and reveal if I actually made a friend. Thank you for taking time out to read this.

Here, have a picture by me.

Left: Princess Bubblegum (From Adventure Time)

Right: Starfire (From Teen Titans)

Both voiced by the same voice actress – Hynden Walch

what__s_your_favourite__by_looneycartoony-d5oilrm (1)


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