The first meeting of the new college students.

Well, today was the day.

This was the first time I would meet my fellow budding illustrators and graphic designers and as expected, I was as shy as you could get. It was a judging contest for me, I would weigh in on my fellow students appearance, social awkwardness and geekyness, but every person that came in was not what I expected, in fact they were very intimidating and the complete opposite to geeky looking which made me the odd one out, unfortunately.

So, we all entered the Illustration and Graphic Design area and stood next to one another while trying not to look awkward (

but failing miserably). We were welcomed by the tutors and were given a brief description of what exactly we will be doing over the first two years which to my surprise included photography (which isn’t a strong point of mine) but hey, this is what I came here to do, learn.

We started by having a look at some of the current illustrators work which was to do with Amnesty International and covers many topics including child abuse, homophobia and gun crime. All the posters I saw were incredible. There was a wide variety on display with no two posters looking similar at all. There were two posters that stood out for me, one was an anti-homophobic poster depicting two male sex signs with nooses around them and the line “Homosexuals should not be discriminated” This really stood out for me, not just because of the bold, impacting colours but also because it sends out a strong message about the past and what people used to do to gay people and  shockingly still do in some places today and how it needs to stop because homosexuals are no different from anyone else and should not be treated as such.

The second poster was so simple yet so impacting that I kept admiring it for it’s brilliance. It was a drawing of a common human skull with the line “We are all the same, take away the skin and we are no different” It is such a true statement and one that really should be posted around the town as many people are treated wrongly because of their colour, their facial features and so on when they have the right to be unique or to look how they want without being judged by others.

Later, we were shown some current photography students work which mainly consisted of close-up shots of old coins and auto-mobiles etc. Then we returned to the Illustration and Graphic Design area where we were given a bit more information about what we will be doing and what their previous students have achieved thanks to the college. Then we were given a task sheet of 8 things to do over the holidays including designing new logos for Vans and writing a 25 word film review, then we were free to leave.

After all that, I didn’t talk to any of the other students at all (Well, only to say thanks for holding the door for me) but there was one fellow student who was slightly geeky-looking and happened to be wearing a Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt (It’s a Disney/Final Fantasy game) This gave me hope that one day I will form a bond with this student and hopefully have a new college friend. Only time will tell (and if I overcome this darn shyness)

Once again, thank you for taking your time out to read this so as always, here’s another one of my designs. This is based on the new TV show ‘Hannibal’ which is very good (Mainly because it involves Hannibal serving detectives human meat which they think is pork)




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