I’m getting somewhere!


I’m sorry for the lack of posts these past few weeks but nothing college related has come up yet but I will be starting college in just a few weeks time so check back then for more on that subject.

In other news, I’m not even in college yet but I’ve already been reccognised by others in the illustration community. This is because I recently submitted two designs to the T-shirt printing website ‘Qwertee’ and to my surprise they were both accepted and are now up for voting!

This has boosted my confidence greatly as it shows that I already have enough skill to be appreciated by big name websites such as Qwertee and I haven’t even unlocked my full artistic potential yet! 

If you are able to, it would be greatly appreciated if you could visit this website and vote on my two designs. This way they’ll have a greater chance of being chosen to be the shirt of the day and will help fund my work while also helping with first impressions for when I go to my college’s enrolment day.

‘Cats in the Apocalypse’


‘Leap of Faith’


Thank you.


What a stroke of luck!

So after going college for a special event and meeting my fellow students for the first time I unfortunately didn’t make any friends *sad face* So, with nothing else to do for the next few days I thought I’d stay at home and play games which, at the time, seemed like a good idea…but boy was I wrong. Continue reading