What a stroke of luck!

So after going college for a special event and meeting my fellow students for the first time I unfortunately didn’t make any friends *sad face* So, with nothing else to do for the next few days I thought I’d stay at home and play games which, at the time, seemed like a good idea…but boy was I wrong.

The weather in the UK at the moment can only be compared to the conditions in the sahara desert (Without the desert and camels obviously) so being at home with not much of a draft flowing around the house was an awful way to spend the next couple of days so I decided to slap on as much sun cream as possible (Without looking as pale as a mime in the process) and meeting up with some of my friends.

During the arrangement of meeting up I thought I’d ask one of my friends to invite her own. They were unknown to me and the others so would be a great way to acquire some new friends seeing as I would be leaving my old friends for life at college.

This turned out to be a great idea as once I arrived at the location and looked at my friends group of buddies, I discovered a familiar face.

One of her friends went to the college special event with me!

(I was practically standing next to her the whole time that day without saying a word or realising)

So by the end of our little day out in the baking heat, I had at least become partial friends with the girl who went to the college event, so it seems that I won’t be alone for my first year at the College! Hurray!

Before I end this blog entry I thought I would share a little project that I have started which will only appeal to fans of gaming (PlayStation gaming in particular)

I am a big PlayStation supporter so when I was playing a little game called ‘God of War’ I thought:

“Why not show this rage-filled, god-killing character in a different light? Maybe he tries to  become friends with other video game characters such as Ratchet and Clank for example”

And the series ‘Kratos just wants a friend’ was born!

Here’s the title logo and a link to two of my drawings from the series. I hope you find them amusing and perhaps if you shared this page with others who may be interested, I would be most grateful!

Thanks again.





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